Kit Price Includes:
All components necessary to assemble
included along with the following:
Setup drawings and necessary Octanorm
12 – Pre-assembled light canopies each with
12 – Glass shelves profile cut to ellipse shape
4 – Big 6 LED lights (in top of product pylons
2 – Counter high reception counters with
backside with graphic on front panel
2 – Wall mounted computer workstation
monitor shelf and front insert panel
4 – Standard shipping cases
Note that glass shelves or carpeting shown
Graphics are either rollable laminated panels
Velcro or magnetic tape or Tensioned Engineered
inserted into Octanorm groove.
Graphics included: Note that dimensions
provided for production
4 – Canopy headers with stand off attachments
2 – Lower tower murals each with view area
laminated panels or seamless if fabric)
2 – Side of tower panels above computer
x 48” height
4 – Upper tower murals each with a view
4 – Upper side of tower murals each with
2 – Insert panels for front of counters